Gently Worn Super Sexy Strapless Puff Dress

Gently Worn Super Sexy Strapless Puff Dress


Gently Worn: Super-Sexy Strapless / Puff Dress
In a word, ADORABLE: fits like a glove where it flatters and flows away where it wouldn’t. Beautiful fabric. Nicely made. The incredible twist? They are two:
1/ You can wear it as shown but thanks to the fine workmanship, you can turn the bottom part into a puff skirt by simply closing a few hidden buttons.
2/ The fabric (there’s no label) is strange: the lower part is very light and looks crinkled but doesn’t need ironing.
The label says: one size, but because we humans need to breath, I’d say, this dress is perfect for girls size S and / or M. I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone size L.
Delicious little number!Sexy, Wild Animal Print Pre-Owned Dress Very fitted and sexy. Made of synthetic, elastic fabric. Hand washable.
Gently worn: very good condition
Size: S

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