Pre-Owned Clothing

Pre-Owned Clothing


Pre-Owned Clothing


Pre-Owned Clothing with Make An Offer option

Gently worn Pre-Owned Tops, Cocktail Dresses, Blazers, Sport Coats, Sweaters, Jackets, Jeans and Shoes. Retro clothing for men.


Everybody likes to shop, not everybody’s budget stands in proportion to their taste. Pre-Owned Clothing offers a fair compromise to those who appreciate quality and affordability and don’t mind that an item has been previously, gently worn. Better: now there is a Make An Offer option available on every product page!

For the same money you’d spend in a department store on one new item, you can buy several (often: better quality!) pre-owned items on Pre-Owned Clothing! There’s an extravaganza of gently worn, pre-owned clothing and other fashion items such as pre-owned shoes, belts, hats, handbags, etc. for women and for men!

The economy isn’t the best and many still suffer. WE CAN SURVIVE IT TOGETHER! Many items on this Website are quite small in size: some of them may work for bigger kids or teens.

Cost of shipping: We DON’T negotiate shipping costs: the Post Office controls shipping rates, we don’t. We’ll TRY to save you money on shipping: if we can, we’ll refund you the difference.

If the shipping charge for an individual item is still too hard to bear, consider either buying several items or shop together with a friend, this way the order will be larger but the shipping will be cheaper. Where there’s a will there’s a way. Creativity will get us through any hardship and talking about hardship: with a little effort, clothing can be altered and many solutions can be DIY….

Pre-Owned Clothing for Women

Pre-Owned Clothing for Men

There are other benefits as well. We’re all concerned with the future of the natural environment. Preserving it by recycling is our collective responsibility. Plastic, glass, paper and so on are being recycled by the majority of consumers, today. Why not recycle when it comes to clothing, shoes or handbags? Fashion is supposed to be fun, playful, entertaining. It shouldn’t jeopardize your budget. At the Pre-Owned Clothing, you can forget your inhibitions: shop and play freely! You CAN afford the stuff you want! You can even buy natural fur and leather – which I don’t believe anyone should be buying new! – because you won’t be increasing the demand for it by wearing a pre-owned item.

Long story short, Pre-Owned Clothing provides terrific (truthfully described) gently worn clothing and other fashion items that you can shop for, guilt-free. Woman’s mood, attitude and to some degree, even her self-confidence depend on the way she’s dressed. Don’t give in to economy: no one will ever know where you shop; no one will know whether you’re wearing an outfit you bought new at a department store  for the third time or a previously owned one that someone else has worn gently before you, for the first time.

Ever heard of the feminine mystique? No one can blame a woman for having little secrets… Take a look around, gently worn, pre-owned clothing has magic….

Latest Additions

ALL SALES ARE FINAL. We don’t like returns anymore then you do and due to the nature of pre-owned clothing, we can’t replace an item with the same one in a different size or color: we have only one item of a kind. So we ask that you check the size / measurements, before you make a purchase or make an offer. 99% of the items in Pre-Owned Clothing Store are gently worn. We disclose all known to us flaws and damage but please expect some signs of wear.

We DON’T control or negotiate shipping costs! We’ll TRY to save you money on shipping.